Advance Innovation & Research from VISTEC

14 Sep 2020: News from notable press agency “Thairath” related to advance innovation and research from VISTEC

It is undeniable that innovations and technologies play an important role nowadays in various aspects. This leads to Thailand has to gain more young scientists in order to study the trend, then do the research and develop our own knowledge which can be extended to high impact innovations on society.

VISTEC established by PTT group and their alliances is one of the prominent organizations which address the mission to fulfill this vision by incubating researchers and scientists to serve our society and innovate sustainable technologies for the county.

“Research” becoming “Innovation” is quite ubiquitous. Regarding this points, VISTEC has demonstrated many progressing and promising results.

Fig: The model of the lower limb exoskeleton located at Robotic studio, IST, VISTEC
Wang Chan Valley, Rayong, Thailand

In the field of medical technology to improve a quality of life, Prof. Dr. Poramate Manoonpong, School of Information Science and Technology (IST), and his robotic research team have been studying and developing “An Intelligent Lower Limb Exoskeleton System” which can online and adaptively adjust itself to an individual. Its utmost purpose is to assist and rehabilitate the patient across country who have an inability to perform movement.

This year 2020, the research group has planned to collaborate the work with the medical research partners in order to perform a preliminary clinical study of the effect of the device on subjects. The research teams expect that the device can rehabilitate muscle strength of the patient causing to reclaim their movement.

Moreover, “Web application for communication in isolation ward” has also been developed to facilitate medical personnel in hospital to accumulate and visualize patient’s information e.g., vital signs for more rapid, precise, and accurate analysis and diagnosis.


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