January 1, 2021


How can we create service robots that can effectively interact, communicate, and adapt to users for seamless service tasks, such as human guidance and delivery?

Research Highlights


Interface for Communicating Person Identity to a Robot:

A conventional adopted method for operating a waiter robot is based on the static position control, where pre-defined goal positions are marked on a map. However, this solution is not optimal in a dynamic setting, such as in a coffee shop or an outdoor catering event, because the customers often change their positions. We explore an alternative human-robot interface design where a human operator communicates the identity of the customer to the robot instead. Inspired by how human communicates, we propose a framework for communicating a visual goal to the robot, through interactive two-way communications.

For more details, see Sawadwuttikul et al., IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2021.

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Proof of Concept at Cafe Amazon