December 22, 2021


ROS-GUIDE is a web browser tool for communicating and controlling robots via ROS. The interaction between the browser and ROS uses roslibjs with the WebSockets as an intermediary.




Realtime graph

  • Line Graph: Display values from selected ROS topics on a line graph in real-time.

  • Scatter Plot: Uses dots to display the relationship between three sets of topic values.

Streaming video

Stream video of ROS image topic by using web_video_server or streaming port that robot provides the video.

Customize button

Create and customize buttons to control or subscribe robot. It consists of the following tools:

  • rostopic: including publishers, subscribers, and publishing rate.
  • rosservice: call the service with the provided values.
  • rosparams: including set and get ROS parameter.
  • command: run commands to the robot.