February 12, 2019

VISRA Project

AdVanced Human-MachIne InteractionS Technology for  ImpRoving QuAlity of Life and Health (VISRA) project

There is an increase in number of using machines (or robots) in everyday life for a variety of applications, like rehabilitation, healthcare, welfare, service, household, companion, etc. These machines have to robustly and effectively interact with the (unpredictable) real world and humans. They have to also learn and adapt in real-time to deal with unknown situations. Traditional techniques for human-machine interaction (HMI) often generate slow and ‘clumsy’ machine/robot actions or responses. They also lack autonomous learning and adaptation. 

To approach this problem, the VIS-RA project, supported by Robotics, AI, and Intelligence solutions of PTT, aims to develop advanced HMI technology that can effectively exchange information between humans and machines to generate natural, timely, comprehensible, and adaptive human-machine interactions for improving quality of life and health. To do so, we will use key knowledge from various areas (including 1. (bio-inspired) robotics, 2. machine learning, 3. neural engineering, 4. cloud computing, and 5. data science) to build up the cutting-edge technology. In this project, we will apply the developed technology to 1) Smart personalized exoskeleton system for assistive and rehabilitation application and 2) Smart living system for health and welfare.

Official website: http://visra.vistec.ac.th/