January 25, 2023

HERO Project

Advanced Hybrid LEgged-Wheeled RObot for Internal Vessel Inspection (HERO)

Internal vessel inspection is a time-consuming and possibly dangerous task for inspectors. Various types of inspection robots have been developed to reduce costs and risks. Most of them are wheel-based robotic systems. While they are effective in their own right, they may struggle to get over a barrier or flange inside a vessel. To address the issue and push robotic technology beyond the state of the art, we aim to develop a prototype of an advanced hybrid legged-wheeled robot with adaptive control for efficient internal vessel inspection. It will be able to navigate in the vessel using wheels and step overcome an obstacle using legs. To achieve the project goal, we (the VISTEC team led by Prof. Poramate Manoonpong) will use the principle of embodied artificial intelligence, bio-inspired robotics, and machine learning for the development.

Official website: https://hero.vistec.ac.th/