June 16, 2021

ERON Project

Embodied Adaptive Autonomous NeuRal CONtrol for Robot Motion Intelligence

The ERON project aims to develop so-called “embodied adaptive autonomous neural control” for motion intelligence of limbed robots (i.e., robots with legs/arms) to address a critical gap in the current state of the art in limbed robot motion control. Current control methods i) require many engineering work hours, or long learning/training periods from hours to days or even months to obtain complex robot behaviors/motions for complex tasks, ii) lack generalization meaning that they fail to directly transfer to limbed robots with different structures without changing their control architectures and parameters, and iii) need multiple different function-specific controllers to generate multiple (versatile) robot functions. All these limitations lead to time consuming and computational inefficiency as well as prevent a more widespread use of limbed robots in real-world applications, e.g., exploration, object transportation, inspection and maintenance, search and rescue, and construction.

Official website: https://eron.vistec.ac.th/