August 14, 2020

AVIS Project

AdVanced Pipe Inspection Robot System

AVIS is fundedĀ  by ARV and runs from 2020-2021. AVIS aims to 1) develop a stable prototype of an advanced pipe inspection robot system AVIS (i.e., small and versatile out-pipe inspection robot) and 2) demonstrate and evaluate the performance of AVIS at TRL4 (validation in laboratory environment). We will focus on the use of bio-inspired robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to develop the robot for preventive maintenance. The success of the project will 1) create novel emerging technologies as a foundation for preventive and predictive maintenance in the oil and gas industry; 2) prevent downtime (thereby increasing the availability of facilities and makes them more profitable); 3) minimize the exposure of inspectors to potentially hazardous conditions; 4) save staff resources for inspection and maintenance; 5) reduce costs and inspection time; 6) create an intelligent and flexible framework for service/ inspection robotics; 7) gain increased understanding for the design of an advanced pipe inspection robotic system; 8) provide impacts in the research and education areas of (bio-inspired) robotics, artificial intelligence, and engineering.

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