October 22, 2018



AMOS is a six-leg-robot that uses an “Adaptive neural locomotion control” to make a robot automatically learn and adjust its own movement in order to imitate a movement of the real cockroach such as an obstacle avoidance and walk through a rough terrain.


MORF is a six-leg robot uses a “Neural control” to construct a pattern of an insect movement. This robot uses a Dynamixel (a digitizer volt motor for a robot), and ROS (Robot Operating System) Interface. In addition, this robot also has an “Artificial Hormone” system to help a robot adapts its own height respect to each stiffness of the terrain.


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Hexa by Vincross is a robot is an all-terrain robot equipped with functionalities including a Linux-based OS known as MIND, 720p cameras, 3-axis accelerometer, distance measuring sensor and infrared sensor. The robot is programmable using MIND SDK, and can also be controlled using the Sandboxed simulator and a mobile app. It can interact with the environment based on the uses of both optical and spatial sensors, and adapt its movement patterns for walking and climbing.

Bipedal robot

Bipedal robot is a two-leg robot which mainly uses a human movement as an inspiration for an Exo-skeleton development. This aim of the robot is to aids the patients who have an issue on their legs such as elder and disabled people. This robot uses a Central Pattern Generator (CPG) and also collaborates with a Brain Control Interface (BCI) which uses a brainwave to predict a movement of the human. This system enhances a robot for a movement prediction of the users.


MOVO is a mobile manipulator robot from Kinova Inc. It is a research robot that is mainly designed to help the researchers to fully understand, and study a potential approach of a mobile manipulation. This robot uses a ROS (Robot Operating System), MoveIt!, and Gazebo as a standard developing tools that helps the research to ease out the way to construct a general platform which can be adopted to the other type of the robots. A main objective of a MOVO is to make it automatically interact with human by using a combinatorial learning method to help a robot decide and react itself to the environments.