March 22, 2023

RISMO Project

RIS-MO: RobotIc Lab assiStant deMO

There is a demand in laboratory tasks for an autonomous robot system that can carry out challenging laboratory processes, such sample testing, stock management. The processes involve picking up a (sample) bottle and placing it at a certain position or giving it to a user. To date, there is no robotic system that can fully perform the task. Existing robotic systems, like flowbot, sila robot, Yumi ABB robot, were designed for specific tasks which cannot be directly applied to the problem. Although they can be customized with high cost, they are difficult for further development and extension.

Towards “a fully autonomous, extendable/flexible, robotic system that can take voice commands, move around, avoid obstacles, and perform complex action sequence manipulation for laboratory tasks”, the goal of this project is to develop the first version of the robotic system and demonstrate its preliminary functions.

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