Bio-Inspired Robotics & Neural Engineering

Living Machines 2021. The 10th International Conference on Biomimetics and Biohybrid Systems.

Prof. Poramate Manoonpong had participated in the Living Machines 2021 virtual conference. He gave a talk in the workshop namely INVERTEBRATE ROBOTICS, AKA “NO BACKBONE, NO PROBLEM” on 29 July 2021. He talked about the “Neural control for complex behaviors of invertebrate-inspired robots: From locomotion to object transportation and navigation” in the Invertebrate Minds session.

Attending AMAM 2021 Virtual Conference

Our Ph.D. students, Mr. Vatsanai Jaiton and Mr. Binggwong Leung had been attending the 9.5th international symposium on Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines (AMAM 2021) On 22-25 June 2021. Their submitted abstracts had accepted in this conference and they also gave poster presentations in the title of “Gait Adaptation of a Dung Beetle Rolling Read more about Attending AMAM 2021 Virtual Conference[…]