SCBX NEXT TECH – Exhibition by our members

On October 4, 2023, our members, Mr. Thirawat Chuthong and Miss Thipawan Pairam, presented the work of our Robotics Lab at the SCBX NEXT TECH event at Siam Paragon in Bangkok. During this event, we showcased a novel bio-inspired integrative approach to developing neural locomotion control, enabling a stick insect-like walking robot to learn how to walk within 20 seconds. The study not only proposes a solution for neural locomotion control but also offers insights into the neural equipment of the biological template. It provides guidance for further developing advanced bio-inspired theories and simulations. Additionally, we presented soft robotics technology, such as the low-cost, simple, conductive rubber-based haptic sensor (ADAM) and soft robots made of silicone. We also engaged with many exciting research studies and shared knowledge for potential collaboration with researchers, aiming to generate innovative and impactful research in the future.

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