PTT Exploration and Production Public PLC. Shares Insights on Robotics Development During Visit

On Monday, May 8, 2023, PTT Exploration and Production Public PLC. visited our facility to share their insights on research, development, and engineering in the field of robotics. The visit was focused on service robotics, industrial robotics, and inspection robotics, which piqued the interest of all 9 attendees.

During the visit, we shared information on the development of robots used for inspecting steel pipes, but the visitors who specialize in this field provided guidance and additional knowledge, making the exchange of information especially valuable.

PTT Exploration and Production Public PLC. is a renowned company with a wealth of experience in oil and gas exploration and production. Their expertise in robotics development provides valuable insights and perspectives on the latest technologies and innovations in this field.

We greatly appreciate their visit and the opportunity to learn from their experiences. The exchange of knowledge was beneficial for all involved and we look forward to future opportunities for collaboration. Thank you for your visit, PTT Exploration and Production Public PLC., you are always welcome here.

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