A visitor from SCB 10X

On 15th August 2022, SCB 10X, a holding company under SCBX (SCB10x is listed in the top 2 of CB Insight State’s Fintech Global 2021 CVCs rankings), visited VISTEC and the Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Automation (ARIA) laboratory. We presented our 7 Wonders of Robotics and discussed our current research. There was also a show preview of the Fin Ray research from the soft robotics group that was of great interest to visitors, Fin ray is used as a gripper or a part that is in contact with the object with the ability to change shape according to the received force. In the future, we will move towards developing more modern research. with the potential of researchers, complete facilities, and a vision that is ready to adapt, like a fin ray that adapts its shape to the touch surface

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