Our work is featured in “Video Friday: Robotics After Hours” robotics news on IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is a leading blog covering a variety of technology topics, news, and breakthroughs. On IEEE Spectrum’s robotics news, our recent work “NeuroVis: Real-Time Neural Information Measurement and Visualization of Embodied Neural Systems” was featured in the “Video Friday: Robotics After Hours” topic. In this work, we proposed NeuroVis, a neural dynamic visualizer that connects to the Robot Operating System (ROS). It acts as a ROS node named “NeuroVis” that receives six topics as inputs: neuron name, connection, updated weight, neuron activity, normalization gain, and bias. In addition, the program can be employed along with a simulation and operates in parallel to the real robot.

Link to IEEE Spectrum blog
Link to the paper

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