Attending AMAM 2019: The 9th International Symposium on Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines

On August 20-23, 2019, members from our BRAIN lab, Prof. Poramate Manoonpong, Mr. Binggwong Leung, and Mr. Muhammad Bilal Khan had attended the AMAM 2019 at EPFL, Lausanne in Switzerland. Prof. Poramate Manoonpong had been invited to give a talk about Learning from a dung beetle to advance robotic development. Mr. Binggwong Leung and Mr. Muhammad Bilal Khanpresent had presented the poster of Modular Neural Control for Dung Beetle-like Leg Movements of a Dung Beetle-like Robot and An Ant-Inspired Control Strategy for Active Sensing of a Crawling Robot in a Cluttered Environment.


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