August 31, 2022


There are various tools which can support students to be world-class researcher such as

  • 128 channels, EEG recording system from GTEC (Research grade)
  • 16 and 8 channels, EEG recording system from OpenBCI which can stream data into the cloud in real-time via WiFi
  • GP3 HD eye tracker 150 Hz with open API
  • VIVE Virtual Reality (VR) Set from HTC
  • gUSBamp for biosignal amplifier via USB, 16 analog inputs with 24 Bit and 38.400 Hz sampling frequency per channel,┬ádirect connection of electrodes with standard safety connector.
  • High power workstation with 2x 2080Ti GPU, 2x 1080 Ti GPU 11GB, 64 GB RAM, and others for Deep/Machine Learning Research
  • Bio-signal plux
  • Etc.

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GP3 HD Eye Tracker 150Hz | Hardware Only